Monday, June 30, 2014

Dear @SesameWorkshop

Dear @SesameWorkshop,

My son Zachary is 8 years old, he grew up with Sesame Street, loving Elmo, and he knew every word to every episode he ever watched. My son he has Autism. Which is why I am asking you to please reconsider partnering with Autism Speaks.

  Autism Speaks is an organization that cares about money not the Autistic community, which is the exact opposite of what Sesame Street has promoted for years and is why you have been so wildly loved by parents and children alike.  Autism Speaks employees no one with Autism while their hire ups get 6 figure salaries. They have a great marketing plan that show an appearance of helping those with Autism, but in reality, those with Autism and their families see very little of the mass fortune they have amassed.  It speaks volumes that the founder's daughter, Katie Wright, is on the board of directors at the National Autism Association..and not Autism Speaks. Here is one article she wrote for Age of Autism,

 Please reconsider your partnership with Autism Speaks.  There are so many good organizations that could use recognition that are actually helping families.  National Autism Association is just one of them. Autism Speaks does not voice or care for the concerns of children, adult, and families, living with Autism everyday, but they are more than happy to take our donations.  Autism Speaks definitely does no speak for our family.  Awareness is not enough. Everything needs to start with acceptance.

Lysa Mulloy

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