Wednesday, June 18, 2014

#EducateSesame Flashblog Annoucement

Image Description: background is green with a border that is blue half way around and light green on the other half. In left lower left corner is Bert and Ernie and in the right corner there is Big Bird. Text reads‪#‎EducateSeasame‬ Flashblog Educating Sesame street about the dangers of partnering with Autism speaks, while also promoting a‪#‎posAutive‬ message about autism. Brought to you by ‪#‎Boycottautismspeaks‬ 

Although this blog was opened as a Flashblog, with participants being asked to submit work by June 29th, we have decided to keep it open to contributions as a kind of community blog.
 Please continue to speak out.

This is the formal announcement of the Boycott Autism Speaks sponsored Flashblog;

Everyone is invited to participate!

The good people at Sesame Street Workshop have made a terrible mistake by partnering with Autism Speaks. Although we assume their intentions are positive, their association with Autism Speaks is downright dangerous for Autistic children, Autistic adults, those that love them, and all people wanting to learn about autism. Sesame Street Workshop educates children around the globe. If the information they use about autism comes from Autism Speaks, it could create detrimental repercussions for generations to come.

Because Sesame Street has not done it's due diligence in learning about autism and Autistic culture before entering this partnership with an organization which is currently under protest by the very people it claims to serve, we must take action to #EducateSesame ourselves.

What is a Flashblog?

A Flashblog is a day when a group of people share their thoughts about a single topic. Written words, images, art, all means of expression are welcome, and will be gathered and posted on this blog on Monday, June 30th 2014. Then we all share the #EducateSesame posts throughout the day, across the web and the world, using Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest.

How to submit:

Please email your contribution to by June 29th 2014.

Include any links or special instructions with your email.

Also, we are asking participants to include "@SesameWorkshop" within the title of their post, so that all tweets will be sent to them directly. Example; "Jane Doe to @SesameWorkshop"

If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to the email above, or leave a comment on this blog.

More information on the boycott can be found in the following links:
Our website, Boycott Autism Speaks

Our Facebook page, and Twitter @Boycott_AS

Article from Philanthropy Daily, Understanding the puzzle of Autism Speaks

Article on Liberty Voice, Autistic Community Asks Sesame Street: End Partnership With Autism Speaks

Article on Huffington Post, 'Sesame Street' Partners With Autism Speaks: Why Are Autistic People Upset?

This list of essays related to the danger of Autism Speaks.

You can also contact Sesame Street through their website email.

A big thank you for your participation and support on behalf of Boycott Autism Speaks!

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  1. I have sent an e-mail to Sesame Street Workshop asking them to reconsider their partnership with Auti$m $peaks. I have also posted a link to Amythest Schaber's YouTube video that discusses this horrid organization to Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield who recently were promoting them in signs written that were covering their faces from the paparazzi. I will happily continue to promote the Boycott Autism Speaks FB page and get the word out every chance I get. Thank you for your work. Together we can shift the view to love and acceptance.