Monday, June 30, 2014

We love Sesame Street!!

We love Sesame Street!! Autism Speaks spends most of their money to research a cure. I and many autistic people see themselves as having a neurology which is part of a wide diversity AND a disability. Autistic people need supports, not to be wiped out of the genetic pool. Can you imagine the effect this has on autistic people like my son? This pathology based model also increases the stigma and danger that all autistics unfortunately face. Adding to this are the sensationalistic and fear mongering terms like 'epidemic' that further the stigma and scare parents of newly diagnosed kids. It exploits their confusion and pain and puts them on a road of negativity which often prevents them from seeing their child as perfect how they are and also needing supports, advice about which is not supported by AS. Also, AS has NO AUTISTIC people in higher administrative positions! What message do you think that sends to autistic kids?

Thank you for reading this.

Michelle Lauck

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